Tuesday | 6.19.2018
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Ginny Clarke - Small Business Employers Need To Look Closely At Resumes
Ginny Clarke - Small Business Employers Need To Look Closely At Resumes
Anne Miller - Manage Anxiety, Calm Employees and Save the Company
Anne Miller - Manage Anxiety, Calm Employees and Save the Company
Chris Lynch - Start-Up Financing Takes More Than Potential
Chris Lynch - Start-Up Financing Takes More Than Potential
Current Update

Small Business Leaders Face Fearful 2013; Holiday Party Goofs; Managing Mobile Workforce Better;

Small business leaders are facing heightened competition, higher taxes, fears for the future as 2013 opens; The poll was taken during the three weeks immediately following the election and encompassed 300 owners/presidents across the nation.

Of more immediate concerns were the upcoming season of company parties where many employees exhibit behavior that can wreck a career and hurt firms. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts.

As even the smallest businesses become more spread out and mobile, there are new cloud-based applications to better manage the work force.

Among the other tips for small business leaders was an expert’s argument that profits increase when small business managers develop ways of creating positive, collective organizations.

New AMA Boot Camp book offers a complete guide to better management..

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Cloud applications are playing an increasing role in building additional sales.

A guide to choosing integrated phone systems sfor small businesses.

One online specialist offers a suggested list of cloud applications.


What is meant by an infrastructure in corporate communications?


An infrastructure for communication takes into account the fact (and it is a fact—if you have the light on in the individual and collective subjective quadrants) that humans need autonomy and belonging but also a meaningful direction for their work. No Employees do want to contribute to the team and a meaningful strategy Getting this dialog going is just the first step. The next step, plans and actions to influence how opinions, values and attitudes develop in in a company is the next step/ The results is highr buyin by emploes."  Mats Eriksson, co-founder of Integ Partner, is a Swedish psychologist and communications expert

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